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The Albany Taproom is a nice casual addition to the great watering holes on the San Pablo Albany/El Cerrito corridor (others are Club Mallard, Hotsy Totsy, Elevation 66 and, if you care more about getting your swerve on than having high quality beer or mixologist cocktails, the Melodee.) They have a great selection of beer on tap for the beertologist. I know, look it up, there is no good word for the beer knowledgeable. Of which I am no longer one, but it is fun to belly up to a bar where they are excited about what they are selling and every one has an opinion. My kind of place.


As mentioned below, you can order a burger form the place next door. They also have a menu of bar snacks. Be aware that the snacks and the burgers come from two different kitchens. We ordered burgers and bar snacks and the burgers came first! We thought the chicken wings and fries we ordered from the Taproom kitchen were very good and a great accompaniment to the beer.

You can order flights, four 4 oz glasses, of beer to get the most out of their wide selection of beer on tap. We like flights, we feel we get the most (experience and booze) for our money. We put together our own flight, mostly form local breweries and it was very, very good. As you can see from the photos, the selection is large enough to verge on becoming overwhelming. A suggestion to the Taproom: have suggested flights as well as the “choose your own.” Each bartender could have a signature, or there could be genre flights (“IPAs” or “Pilsner Style”)…it’s a bit rough for the novice to decide. We heard this from others at the bar that night also.


The service and the patrons were super friendly. It was a nice place to hang out. Give them a try and forgive them the rough patches that come with being brand new.

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