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After a hard workout on Saturday morning I felt the need for a nutritious breakfast. I’d been meaning to check out the brunch at Chop Bar. Imagine my delight when I realized they had bacon bloody marys on the menu. Pretty sure that is the perfect post workout drink. Kismet.


They were very busy but the staff was friendly and seated me at the bar right away. They did not even mind giving me a second seat for my imaginary boyfriend.


The real boyfriend showed up in time to order this. I think it was a disappointment to the man next to me who was reading game of thrones and was quite taken by the imaginary nature of my guy. I think he was picturing pegasuses and lances. My guy arrived in a Subaru.


This is the nicest waiter I’ve ever had, anywhere.


The food is about as the yelpers say, sometimes great, often just ok. But it’s the vibe that keeps me coming here.


It’s a typical Oakland scene. Many people were eating alone, which to me is the mark of a place that has really good service. If a place can feel comfortable to solo diners, they are doing something right.


My breakfast was yummy. I think. The two bloody marys may have dulled my appetite a bit…


The best place to sit.


What is a brunch without caffeine to complement your bloody mary.


Outdoor seating. Useful about three days per year in these parts.


Yum. The bartenders take their craft seriously. I can say that the drinks I’ve had at Chop Bar are a cut above the usual fare.


A nice place to hang out on a weekend morning

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