Doc’s of the Bay/Art Murmur

I love going to Art Murmur (it happens every first Friday of the month in downtown Oakland starting at 6:00). I love the vibe, the art, running into friends, and the food. My favorite truck is often there: Doc’s of the Bay. They make hamburgers. Ok, I guess they also make chicken sandwiches and black bean burgers and fries and fried green beans.

docs_artmurmur_1 docs_artmurmur_2 docs_artmurmur_3

But. The burgers! I always get the Doc’s classic with bacon and green chiles. SO good. I am very happy that Doc’s comes to SF during the day on Fridays sometimes so I can get my fix at lunch.


They make their own ketchup and it is so yummy (I don’t even like ketchup). You must try some (a good reason to get fries). Then you can feel that you’ve had your vegetables too (thank you, Ronald Reagan)


Murmur reminds me of the festivals I went to as a kid growing up in Berkeley. The urban hippie hipster art chic vibe is festive. It is definitely worth a visit, especially in the spring and summer. Despite some unfortunate incidents surrounding this event in the past, it still remains a modern Oakland scene that you shouldn’t miss.

docs_artmurmur_6 docs_artmurmur_7 docs_artmurmur_8 docs_artmurmur_9 docs_artmurmur_10 docs_artmurmur_11 docs_artmurmur_12 docs_artmurmur_13 docs_artmurmur_14 docs_artmurmur_15 docs_artmurmur_16 docs_artmurmur_17 docs_artmurmur_18 docs_artmurmur_19 docs_artmurmur_20 docs_artmurmur_21

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