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Went to the first night of service at Homestead last night.

It’s a beautiful space and a great addition to the already happening food scene on Piedmont Ave.


It’s described as a “Farm to Table Bistro” which always means I will be able to get my protein on. And yes, there is meat here!


The kitchen is open to the room, which gives it a homey feel.

homestead_3 homestead_4 homestead_5 homestead_6 homestead_7

The food was good, some of it was great.


These peppers were ridiculously good. Like potato chip good. I could eat two plates of these.

homestead_9 homestead_10 homestead_11 homestead_12 homestead_13 homestead_14 homestead_15 homestead_16 homestead_17 homestead_18 homestead_19

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  • Katherine Murray
    August 8, 2013

    Beautiful space…can’t wait to try it.

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