“Have you found my husband’s body yet?” my grandmother practiced saying in Spanish on her third day alone in the desert.

She was in a VW bus in Baja. When it broke down my grandfather rode off on the 90cc Honda dirt bike across the sand dunes to look for help. At the time she was practicing her morbid Spanish, he was waiting for auto parts on the laid back schedule of a small Mexican town. The note he’d written and given to a crop duster to drop to her had (predictably) not made it into her hands.

They were adventurous people who spent years traveling Europe and Mexico in a VW camper. He was an artist, a photographer who followed light and contrast to distraction. Traveling with him was thrilling, with sudden turns off the road into dry creek beds (sans 4-wheel drive) to pursue a photo. Broken axles ensued more than once. His companion’s comfort was always secondary to the shot. It behooved his fellow travelers to carry water and a snack.

They were people of mid century modern sensibilities. At home they ate simple fresh food; lunches of soup, avocado, soft cheeses and rye-crisp. They eschewed most forms of processed food so popular in America in the 50s and 60s.

So it was a bit surprising that their favorite place to eat on the road was McDonalds. Their adventurous spirit did not extend to exploring local restaurants. They wanted to know what they were going to get. So, on every road trip, we had Big Macs.

Of course, Bon Vivant that I am now, I can throw down a gourmet burger with best of them. But I can still appreciate a well made burger from a burger joint that won’t set me back $12 before fries. When it’s also made with the best fresh ingredients? My idea of carnivorous heaven.

Trueburger is everything a burger place should be. The menu is mostly burgers (even a vegetarian portobello burger option) with some hot dogs and chili. Oh and a salad (with bacon and egg, that’s what I’m talking about…) The cheeseburger is less than $6.

TrueBurger_1 TrueBurger_2 TrueBurger_3

The burgers are so good! Fresh ground meat! Homemade buns! Delicious fries made from real fresh cut potatoes! (Y’all might be surprised to know how many high end burger places are using frozen fries). And the shakes are ridiculously good, premium ice cream with fresh add-ins (I had mango last time, holy moly). It turns out I’m a burger purist and like my burgers simple: lettuce, tomato and pickles. Hold the truffle sauce and Guacamole. If the meat is good, the burger doesn’t need dressing up. Trueburger has it down.


Here’s what they say on their website: “Trueburger is contemporary fast food done right without unnecessary preservatives, additives, or transfats.”

TrueBurger_5 TrueBurger_6 TrueBurger_7 TrueBurger_8

I believe that when you go you must have all three: burger, fries and shake. I think my grandparents would love this place if they were still around.

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