untitled-5570-2So, where should we go? It was the perennial question in conversations among my friends trying to pick the next meal/cocktail spot. Since I am the bossy one… I mean, the one with leadership qualities…I am often looked to for the answer.

And, even though we live in one of the best foodie areas in the world, we’d always end up in one of our same three or four spots. I decided to poll my Facebook friends about where to go in Oakland. That page morphed into me trying those places and writing my impressions of the various great spots there are to hang out around here. Since I live in the East Bay but work and hang in SF, this is about places in those areas that I think are interesting enough to write about.

I’m interested in good food and tasty drinks. But equally important to me is the vibe of a place, the friendliness of the staff, how easy it is to sit at the bar and eat, how good the bartenders are, and the interactions I have with other patrons. This blog is about all that. Because I wanted to create a place where Bon Vivants like me could come and possibly find an answer to that question.

The photos on this site are by me and others, please ask before you use them. We just want to get the attribution right.

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